The Fiber Guard line of systems delivers the most advanced fiber optic sensor technology for perimeter and infrastructure protection and monitoring on the market today. Fiber Guard field- proven, location sensing fiber optic systems, provide solutions for perimeter applications such as fence, wall and in ground perimeters and infrastructure monitoring of pipelines and data links. Fiber Guard security solutions offer industry leading, self healing technology, quick installation methods and cofigurable virtual detection zones as well as specific features to the application installation requirements.
Perimeter Intrusion Detection and Security Solutions Perimeter Protection for various size projects Fiber Guard Systems provide pin-point Detection

Fiber Guard

Perimeter Protection
The Fiber Guard system fully integrates with third party systems to provide a total security solution, encompassing CCTV access control with intruder alarms perimeter breach location. The system consists of a  range of integration modules and an open software development kit. Fiber Guard applications can be seamlessly integrated with most access control alarm, building management systems and more specialist systems as well. When installing the Fiber Guard passive fibre sensor that stretches up to 20km without using field repeaters and or processors, or any other powered components, a typical installed system replaces the equivalent of most, if not all legacy sensors, while still providing higher performance using the same cable for fiber optic TV Video and data transmission, and further reduces costs of infrastructure development.

True Integration with 3rd Party Systems 

Cost of Ownership 

The Fiber Guard remote alarm management solution (FGRAMS), is a network based software platform for enterprise wide security integration and alarm management. This permits multiple protected sites to be monitored from one or several central locations simultaneously. The Fiber Guard remote alarm management solution (FGRAMS), is a database driven Windows service program that aggregates alarm reports from sites that defines and implements automatic alarm handling policies and issues notification to client stations. The client station software is a standard Windows application that subscribes to the server and provides graphical alarm monitoring.

Scalable and Flexible 

User Friendly 

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