Fiber Guard is currently a division of Africa E and I (Pty) Ltd, but is currently in the process of establishing it’s own identity. During the past 7 years, one of Africa E and I’s directors were involved in the development of a system to protect and detect cable theft. From there arose the interest in perimeter and asset protection. In January 2015 we obtained the sole distribution rights from Senstar for Sub-Sahara Africa. Senstar is currently the market leader in the development of various perimeter and control products. Senstar employs approximately 23 PhD qualified engineers for the development and testing of new products, It is essential to understand that the strategy of both Fiber Guard and Senstar is to sell solutions and not systems as most companies do. Fiber Guard along with our partner team from Senstar is fully supportive of the same commitment. Together we are committed in resolving any security requirment that might exist or be idetified. Senstar has been established for more than 30 years, and is also the leading provider of life safety and emergency call solutions, as well as a new line of solutions for any security requirement in all industries. Fiber Guard commits iteself to provide you with the best service and solutions possible. Africa E and I, the holding company of Fiber Guard, has an outstanding track record with Anglo American on numerous sites, and various successfully completed projects. Africa E and I (Pty) LTD is also an ISO 9001 certified company. (Certification Number - 01 100928293) In addition, this enables Fiber Guard to do installtions without sacrificing the integrity of installations through the use of sub contractors, from inception to completion, and handovers are handled by ourselves. Fiber Guard will lead in offering and supplying the industry’s most advanced perimeter security, infrastructure protection, alarm management, and video and data communication technologies, including fiber optic systems, hardware and software. We will translate these advanced technologies into value for our customers through professional solutions, services, and consulting. Our Core Values We fearlessly drive innovation and creativity We are accountable for every facet of our business We focus on earning our customers’ business everyday We act with integrity We don’t settle for anything less than excellence End-to-End Solution The FiberPatrol line of systems from delivers the most advanced fiber optic sensor technology available for perimeter and infrastructure protection and monitoring. FiberPatrol’s field proven, location sensing fiber optic security systems provide solutions for perimeter applications such as fence, wall, and in ground perimeters and infrastructure monitoring of pipelines and data links. The company’s security solutions offer industry leading, self-healing technology, simple installation methods, reconfigurable virtual detection zones, as well as many features specific to the application installation. True Integration with 3rd Party Systems The FiberPatrol systems fully integrate with third parties to provide a total security solution, encompassing CCTV, access control, intruder alarms and more. Through a range of integration modules and an open Software Development Kit (SDK), Fiber Patrol applications can be seamlessly integrated with most access control, alarm and building management systems and with more specialist systems. Low Cost of Ownership Installation costs are drastically reduced when installing FiberPatrol’s passive, all-optical fiber sensor that stretches up to 20km without using field repeaters, processors, or any other powered components. A typical installed system replaces the equivalent of 100s of legacy sensors while providing higher performance at a fraction of the cost. Using the same cable for fiber optic video and data transmission further reduces the cost of infrastructure development. Scalable and Flexible The FiberPatrol Remote Alarm Management Solution (FPRAMS), a network based software platform for enterprise wide security integration and alarm management, permits multiple protected sites to be monitored from one or several central locations simultaneously. Cut Immunity When an installed fiber optic cable is cut, either in an attempt to defeat security or by accident, the FiberPatrol system immediately reports the incident, including its exact location. Moreover, the system retains the ability to detect and pinpoint intrusion attempts up to the cut point. User Friendly The FiberPatrol Remote Alarm Management Solution (FPRAMS) is a database driven Windows ® service program that aggregates alarm reports from remote sites, defines and implements automatic alarm handling policies and issues notifications to client stations. The client station software is a standard Windows application that subscribes to the server and provides convenient graphical operator interface for alarm monitoring and system administration. Service & Support Fiber Guard is 100% focused on delivering the very best customer service, and the company prides itself on the commitment it makes to their clients. Working by phone, e- mail and face-to-face, the company’s representatives deal with any questions or issues that arise during the specification, installation or maintenance of Fiber Guard’s solutions.
Perimeter Intrusion Detection and Security Solutions
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