Defence Web Article - 29 June 2015 - Written by Guy Martin Fiber Guard wins more Perimeter Contracts Local company Fiber Guard has been awarded more contracts for its fibre optic based perimeter protection systems and is currently demonstrating its technology in a game reserve to detect animal poachers.   Fiber Guard received its first local contract earlier this year, with the Tshwane municipality, to protect copper cables. Executives told defenceWeb that the company now has several contracts in the works as well as demonstrations. By the end of October it will have finished installing its technology in a major South African game reserve as part of a trial to help combat wildlife poaching.   Fiber Guard is the South African entity of North American company Optellios, which merged with Senstar last year. The company offers a variety of perimeter, pipeline and cable monitoring solutions.   Kevin Bradley, Senior Vice President at Senstar for the Middle East and North Africa Region said that Optellios/Senstar has done recent work in places like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Algeria. Over the last thirty years, Senstar has installed sensors in some eighty countries.   Senstar offers a wide variety of different sensors for various applications. Its OmniTrax in ground sensor uses an electromagnetic radio field with a ranging capability to detect people moving through the field. This is immune to vegetation and can work in tar, cement and other materials, but is affected by a buildup of ice and snow. The White House, for example uses such a system, which recently detected a man running across the grounds.   The Tunnel Guard system works on seismic activity to detect tunnelling. It is able to distinguish between earth tremors, while other sensors use infrared detectors, microwaves or a small electrostatic field to detect movement close to things like walls. Upcoming Radio or TV interviews to follow…..