Perimeter Intrusion Detection and Security Solutions
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Part of μltraLink is Senstar’s μltraLink Sensor Integration Components, a powerful IP-based alarm reporting system for Senstar’s sensors. Senstar’s perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS) including OmniTrax ®, XField ®, μltraWave ™ and FlexPS ™ have an integrated sensor networking capability that provides a two way communication channel between sensors and the control room. The software provides a common interface through which third party head-end security management systems (SMS) perform communication to the sensors. Video Library Network Manager Suite   Powerful IP-based Alarm Reporting for Senstar Sensors         Application The Network Manager Service is Windows® based and can reside on the same PC as the Security Management System or on a dedicated PC. The connection of the Network Manager Service to the networked sensors is through gateway hardware that is installed in the control room and connects to the networked outdoor sensors. Communications cards are added to the sensors to enable network communication.         Documentation     
 ultraLink Sensor Integration      Flexible Integration for Senstar Sensors
             ultraLink Input / Output Modules    Data Sheet - PDF - English
             ultraLink Sensor Integration / Network Manager Suite   Data Sheet - PDF - English
             Integrating Network Manager with Milestone X Project    Application Note - PDF - English